Practical Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese Languages

Practical Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese Languages


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Comparison of human understanding of things, research things a basic method is a basic method of linguistic research; while the contrast is a more focused on the differences between the comparison. Mr. Lv Shuxiang said: "Only by comparing can be seen in all languages ​​and special representation of the points in common." In the application, comparative linguistics for language teaching, translation, bilingual dictionary compilation and so has direct significance. Thus, Mr. Wang Li pointed out that foreign language teaching "the most effective way is to compare and foreign language teaching." The textbook of modern linguistic theory, the system for the English-language comparative study to reveal the similarities and differences between Chinese and English languages​​, in order to seek for foreign language teaching and other practical problems Translating principles. Specific performance through the English language in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, rhetoric, discourse and other aspects of comparative research on foreign language teaching experience to explain the theory, methods and techniques for the Translation provides theoretical basis for the system.
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