Aug 24, 2013

Illustrated Chinese Characters: Stories of 1000 Chinese Characters


Publisher: Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House (2011)
Language: Chinese
ISBN-10: 7561350155
ISBN-13: 978-7561350157
Product Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 3 cm
Shipping Weight: 762 g
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"Graphic <Explain Word> Picturing characters: 1000 characters of the story" is the first in the history of philological analysis of shape, explain the meaning of words, reading the dictionary sound identification, but also the only one in 1800 to study classical Chinese characters writings, the study of ancient texts and ancient Chinese, it is less important data does not have to be. Author Xu Shen is the Eastern Han Dynasty Ru'nan Shaoling (now Henan Yancheng County) people, personality honest integrity, read books. From ancient times to study "Dictionary" is both respected scholars this classic, but also respect for human Xu Shen, Xu Shen are known as "Xu Jun," and "Wen said," is "Xu book," said Chuan their school as "XU Xue."
"Graphic <Explain Word> Picturing characters: 1000 characters of the story" to the "Dictionary" as the basis, a selection of modern life in 1000 to more commonly used Chinese characters, each accompanied by a word exquisite illustrations, 200 words or so fine short commentary, as well as Oracle, Jin, Xiao Zhuan, official script font evolve to reveal character was born, the process of evolution, while showing the word usage in modern society. "Graphic <Explain Word> Picturing characters: 1000 characters of the story," rich in content, form vivid, text essence, as lovers of literature, Chinese enthusiasts, creative workers, the tools used.
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