HSK Exam Grammar

HSK Exam Grammar


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For students who will participate in the HSK test, the most important is the construction of Chinese grammar knowledge system, only with a complete knowledge system in order to freely respond to written, so each one must learn deep thorough understanding of test sites. There is no "point", then no to "line", no "line", then no to the "net" with no knowledge of the test center on a solid understanding of one, you can only build castles in the air, the so-called oaks from little acorns, is this truth. This book is an in-depth examination of teaching practice and experience HSK came into being, the book is based on the HSK exam outline the scope and standards prepared in a foreign language grammar textbooks, trying to help students in a very short period of time to obtain more big breakthrough, suitable for all levels of student learning, and classroom teaching pro forma purposes.

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