HSK 6 Listening Strategy MP3-CD

HSK 6 Listening Strategy MP3-CD


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Category: Chinese Exam Books - New HSK - Level 6
Merchandise Format: Printed book | Audio CD
Language: Simplified Chinese
Language Skill: Listening
Language Level: Intermediate | TCFL Teachers

The new HSK exam Raiders series is a set of resource materials to strengthen, in line with Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters launched a new Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), to meet the urgent needs of the majority of candidates prepared, reflecting the new HSK test the proposition ideas, typical and targeted for remedial classes teaching and self-test candidates, candidates can improve the ability of taking in a short time. According kinds of questions, divided into four volumes and reading writing listening volumes, five and six, respectively, listening, reading and writing of a total of eight volumes. Hearing volumes include: Listening Comprehension overview, first to the third part of the listening test-taking skills, strengthening exercises and problem solutions, five sets of hearing simulation papers, answers and problem solution. "The new HSK HSK (6 levels) Raiders: Hearing" is also available with Peking version of the new HSK exam tutoring Books "New HSK Test all true simulation title set"

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