Experiencing Chinese: Study in China + CD

Experiencing Chinese: Study in China + CD


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Experiencing Chinese: Study in China (40-50 Hours) English Version

Planned by Hanban, this textbook is designed to meet the requirements of short-stay international students and features practical communication tasks. It is suited for a 40-50 Hours-week study program, aimed at learners whose native tongue is not Chinese and are complete beginners in Chinese.

"Experiencing Chinese • study papers" as Hanban planning materials available for beginners 50-70 hours of Chinese learners and beginners. This book of short-term survival needs students as the basis for practical communicative task to write the main line of task-based materials. Experience teaching materials reflecting the modern teaching philosophy, provides the user with task-based teaching programs. Each of the materials are accompanied by a CD-ROM. 
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3 Reviews

  1. Hi Tina,
    I need your help again
    May I Have this book
    The link is already broken
    xie xie

  2. Thank u Tina
    But It's in Russian
    Need it in english and the CD link
    please help
    thank you

    1. Sorry, I have no English version (ebook and CD)


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