Experiencing Chinese: Living in China + CD

Experiencing Chinese: Living in China + CD


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Planned by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, this book inherited the guiding principle of “experiencing” and “practicing”. Real communicative setting is offered to encourage learners to talk in Chinese. You will find that learning Chinese Culture has never been so enjoyable.

This material is Hanban planning materials, is designed for approximately 50 hours to complete the foundation of Chinese learners. Each of the materials are accompanied by a CD-ROM.

Main features are as follows: (a) short-term foreign students a basic understanding of Chinese culture is based on the needs, teaching target non-Chinese beginners beginners. (2) focus on the differences between Chinese and Western cultures exist in early China's daily interactions likely to encounter some of the most basic knowledge of life and culture. (3) The book is twelve units, the arrangement of text content to follow from near and far, Deep Youyidaonan principle. (4) Each unit also has a "cultural window," "cultural development" in order to broaden students' horizons. (5) The book has 100 more pictures, illustrations, lively form.
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