Developmental Chinese: Intermediate Chinese 1

Developmental Chinese: Intermediate Chinese 1


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The series is designed for students with intermediate proficiency in Chinese. While centering on the grammar and vocabulary of Level C in the HSK Outline, the series reviews and expands the vocabulary and language points in Levels A and B on the one hand and absorbs a certain number of Level D words and words that exceed the Outline on the other to ensure the interestingness and novelty of the content. Through the selection of hot topics and materials that are interesting to young people, the book can not only cater to the common aspects of human psychology with its informativeness and interestingness, but also reflect the characteristics of modern Chinese society. The texts are of multiple themes and genres. With both language forms and communicative needs taken into consideration, the exercises are divided into two types: spoken and written. The book is accompanied by three audio tapes (sold separately).

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