Developmental Chinese: Elementary Chinese 1

Developmental Chinese: Elementary Chinese 1


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The book consists of 35 lessons, the front part of a preparation. Examples grammar lesson before, suggesting that the need to master the grammar lesson. Is the text for the essay, vice texts as conversations, words, after each lesson there, "added the words." In the comment section of the text and background knowledge of cultural phenomena such simple statement explaining. Grammar section of the text, 2 ~ 3 grammar points to explain, along with English translation. Some after-school as well as voice part, introduced Chinese speech common sense. Each lesson Finally there is a wealth of exercises, covering pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, Chinese characters and other aspects, so that students can more fully grasp the knowledge. Top 25 The lessons are accompanied by pinyin, Lesson 26 Lesson 35 text to abolish the alphabet, embodies the principle of gradual and orderly progress, to help learners recognize and read the alphabet gradually get rid of the stage just to better grasp the character. Book with audio tapes 4 (sold separately). 版 次:1 页 数: 字 数: 印刷时间:2006年11月01日 开 本: 纸 张:胶版纸 包 装:平装 是否套装:否 国际标准书号ISBN:9787561916490 丛书名:发展汉语
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