Aug 2, 2013

Chinese for College Students Intermediate Listening 1

Audio only

Chinese for College Students Series comprises 3 sets: Intensive Reading, Listening and Speaking. A total of 35 books are accompanied with CD-ROMs and CDs, which enable overseas students and adults Chinese learners to have an in-depth knowledge of Chinese language. Intensive Reading includes 3 levels - Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. After finishing Intensive Reading, students will be able to gradually grasp pinyin, commonly-used vocabulary, basic grammar and frequently-used sentences and freely engage in everyday conversation. Speaking includes 2 levels - Elementary and Intermediate. After finishing Speaking, learners will obtain the basic grammatical structures of Chinese, thereby be experienced in appling it into everyday conversation. Listening includes 2 levels - Elementary and Intermediate. This series can help students to further improve their Chinese aural comprehension skill so as to understand the business and social issues through the listening and speaking exercises. Elementary level and Intermediate level Vol. 2 contains one textbook, one teacher's book, one audio CD and one CD-ROM; Intermediate level Vol. 1 contains one textbook, one teacher's book and one CD-ROM.
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