Business correspondence

Business correspondence


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Commercial communications between Russian and Chinese control
In FOB Business Forum to see, directly to the Introduction to circle.

This book is a textbook Russian people to learn Chinese, the book by way of example describes various ways the language of business letters,
Chinese translation of the book there is a small amount of some errors, such Nikolai been translated into "Come," Hey, but we can understand his Kazakhstan,
Introduction The purpose of this book is to provide our trade with the CIS countries can learn from the book of Russian salesman sentence,
By analogy, to better communicate with foreign for mail.
The book is divided into seven chapters, roughly based on the theory, practice basic communication, communication objects (suppliers, etc.), cover letter and the like, faxes and letters,
Marketing and sales letters, accessories (including units of measurement, digital writing, world currency, INTERCOMS 2000, acronyms and terminology, contracts, etc.)
Mind you, this book has examples of translations, but other theoretical part and no translation Oh!
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