An intermediate course of interpretation

An intermediate course of interpretation


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This book is based on "the Shanghai Intermediate English interpreter job qualification syllabus" the basic requirements, set to prepare for the English exam candidates Intermediate interpreters prepared "Shanghai shortage of manpower training project" tutoring in a series; The book is also ideal for books as well as four levels of English university college students, English major sophomores and participation in CET candidates mentor universities across the country in English Intermediate interpreters elective courses. The book also apply to have the equivalent English level reaches intermediate autodidact.
"Shanghai Intermediate English interpreter job qualification" test is approved by the joint meeting of the Shanghai Office of the shortage of manpower training project review and confirm the shortage of personnel qualified job training programs. The aim is for the state organs, enterprises, companies and foreign units and bring up a number of training qualified foreign-oriented project negotiations, translate high-level meetings, press conferences, reporters conferences and international seminars and simultaneous translators . This book is based on the basic requirements of the Shanghai Intermediate English translation job qualification syllabus for English Intermediate interpreters prepare for job qualification examination candidates prepared teaching counseling books. This book content is novel, rich selection. Outstanding practice, and strive to improve Xin, speaking, reading, writing, basic translation of the five basic skills, comprehensive ability to make English learners reach a new level, to accommodate translators and interpreters testing.

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