Advanced Chinese Course Part 1

Advanced Chinese Course Part 1


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"Chinese Foreign Language Textbook Series • Advanced Tutorial (first one)," is to have medium level of Chinese foreign students prepared Coursebooks aimed succinctly through the model works and a large component of the exercises, to further improve students' reading and writing skills, students analyze, appreciate classic works of Chinese language ability. Texts try to choose modern, contemporary works of famous writers, attention paradigm language, pay attention to the theme of the breadth and diversity of genres. Choreographer seeks wider scope. Two final next book from "The Scholars" and "Dream of Red Mansions", the intention is to guide students to classical vernacular fiction initial contact, causing the reading of Chinese Classical Literature of interest. For teaching, some articles in language made ​​the appropriate changes. Exercises include a requirement that the master key usage of words and sentences, orally, in writing retell the content, as well as the text abbreviation rewritten. Exercise as much as possible with the case closely with solution.

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