A Practical Writing Course for College Students

A Practical Writing Course for College Students


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"University of Practical Writing Course" needed higher education, in accordance with the principle of practicality, designed to develop students' practical writing and ability to meet the needs of the community for high-quality application writing talents. In the preparation process, the authors made an effort and innovation following aspects: First, to meet the needs of the times. According to the principle of practicality, the style has been re-ranking of commonly deleted in today's society no longer popular style, such as news part of the "close-up" and the social needs of the growing number of etiquette class style and "Shen", etc. enrich come.

Second, innovation and strong. In the preparation process, all supervised personnel carefully read large amounts of data, the integration of their teaching experience and relevant documents and regulations of the country, contributing to the latest knowledge and results, providing a large number of the latest substatutes, well reflects the latest development and the characteristics of the times Discipline .

Third, the text of the complete, adapt teaching needs. Species classified according to the text to divide the chapter, content both "practical" and "enough." Teachers can request higher education goals, combined with professional and practical needs of students and the choice of different file types to be focused on teaching.
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