A New Course on Practical Writing

A New Course on Practical Writing


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This book is divided into 10 chapters, including General, administrative documents, business documents, Shen theory, litigation documents, economic instruments, foreign instruments, medical instruments, scientific and technological instruments commonly used instruments such individuals, covering the basic theory and application writing basics , elaborated administrative documents, transaction documents and other classic writing knowledge, highlighting the economic and trade such instruments content characteristics of the times, enhanced technology, litigation, personal commonly used instruments practicality. Application of the newly introduced and health instruments, reflecting the application of writing studies in development of new ideas. Writing this book describes the application of theoretical knowledge, while a selection of highly realistic typical Liwen, the combination of theory and practice to lay a foundation, but also improve the learning process operability. Each chapter is followed with "thinking and practice" is the content of the main points of each chapter prompt the reader a clear idea provides some clues. This book can be used as college writing courses of professional applications for materials can also be used as self-categories of personnel, training reference.
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