A New Course Book of Practical Chinese-English Translation

A New Course Book of Practical Chinese-English Translation


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This tutorial English Text Translation Appreciation main line, supplemented by appropriate techniques to explain the theory and practice of translation and a lot of essays. The book is nine chapters, the first chapter, "Introduction," describes some of the basic concepts of translation and theoretical knowledge, the second to the ninth chapter of English text translation teaching content, each chapter presents a stylistic language features and Translation Rules , and on this basis Appreciation text translation and translation techniques to explain essay. Teaching each lesson includes "Chinese original text, English translation, translation appreciation and practice of translation," four aspects. Appendix part is translating practice reference translation.

     This tutorial not only take into account the selection of the original data in different genres, but also take into account the different themes, such as news, trade, advertising, tourism, science and technology, law, government documents, modern prose and modern fiction. Practice for students to translate text data, selected from the vast majority of recent domestic publishing newspapers and books in English, and the style and appreciation of each lesson the same essay, and strive to enable students to learn through this tutorial, can be obtained in practice of translation capabilities good workout after graduation can do many genres and subject matter data translation work.
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