A course of Legal Interpreting CD

A course of Legal Interpreting CD


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This book is divided into four parts, a total of 12 units, topics are close to reality, mostly common law scene or subject. The first part is foreign judicial exchanges, covering the judiciary, the legal profession, legal education, and the World Trade Organization and other common topic of discussion; second part of criminal procedures, subdivided into investigation, the trial and other topics; third part is about legal advice civil trial and execution of civil procedure section; fourth part is about mediation, negotiation and arbitration of international alternative dispute resolution.
"Legal Interpreting Course" practice-oriented, organized a large number of English-Chinese interpretation exercises, together with knowledge of the relevant interpreters introduced laws aimed at improving students' level of interpretation. Practice forms, content-rich, mostly selected from or adapted from real legal scene language materials, both full speech really, there are also real interrogation and court dialogue, covering a wide range. Its purpose is real corpus to train students and scenes legal interpretation skills.
The materials used for college high school, two hours per week. Instructor according to actual needs on the chapters choice. Meanwhile, the book is also available with good knowledge of English law, the legal interpretation of readers interested in the self-use.
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