A Course of Advanced English-Chinese & Chinese-English Interpretation 1

A Course of Advanced English-Chinese & Chinese-English Interpretation 1


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With China's accession to WTO, China's foreign relations, foreign trade has become increasingly frequent. In deepening reform, expanding opening up, and gradually establish a socialist market economic system today, our country need a group of highly qualified interpreters. How to train high-quality personnel has become a translation community interpreters, foreign language profession and society concerns.

In response to this trend, we have carefully compiled "Advanced English English interpreters Guide," a book, the book focuses on developing students' skills and help students to various interpreters interpreting various reserves of knowledge - including those relating to the theory of interpretation and excellent translator Required qualities. In a lot of cases interpreting student activity exercises to master interpreting skills to become competent interpreter for the future and lay a good foundation.

This book is rich in content, covered a wide range, including political, economic, cultural, educational, environmental and other aspects have emerged in recent years, and our life is closely related to some of the hot topics. Such as: Beijing Olympic Games, China's accession to the WTO, the Shanghai World Expo and other content, with strong times.

Book financial knowledge, practicality and flexibility as a whole, with strong operational. The book design of a large content-rich forms of exercises. Moreover, in addition to classroom exercises, each unit comes equipped with extracurricular exercises, so that students in exercises to strengthen and consolidate consolidate the knowledge acquired and skills, improve the ability to interpret, fully embodies the characteristics of strong practicality interpreters disciplines.

This book is divided into the first volume, the second volume two, including 16 units (after each volume are accompanied by some reference to the answer), applicable to full English professional, full-time non-English majors, vocational trainees and the general interpretation enthusiasts.

This book deserves a box of tapes. Audio content for each cell "2" Passage A or Passage B; "5" in the 1,2,3.

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