A Course in tourism resources in China

A Course in tourism resources in China


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The book is 15 chapters, divided into three parts: The first part is an introduction, the main tourism resources in China to learn from the perspective of the characteristics and classification of tourism resources, tourism resources research object, content and methods; Chinese tourism resources fundamental causes, characteristics and distribution, while the tourism landscape industry, analyzes the current situation. The second part describes the formation of different types of tourism resources, characteristics and distribution, including landscape tourism resources, tourism resources of water, weather climate and astronomical tourism resources, bio-tourism resources, tourism resources in ancient architecture, religious tourism resources, Chinese classical garden tour resources, customs tourism resources, tourism resources in urban and rural landscape, modern facilities tourism resources, tourism resources and cultural tourism resources in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other content. The third part of the common characteristics of tourism resources, based on introduction of tourism resources survey and evaluation of the content and methods, and tourism resources such as environmental protection and sustainable development of tourism content
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