A Concise Interpretation Course

A Concise Interpretation Course


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This book is intended as a guide to interpreting theory, systematic exposition of the basic principles of interpretation, rules and techniques. At the same time, supplemented by a large number of two-way interpreting practice and exercises. This book concise and practical. We often say "practice makes perfect", how can we "cooked", its core is a "practice" word. More practice can be cooked, cooked is able to skillfully. This is also the ability to interpret and skills requirements. Therefore, the translation of cases and practice in the book is also a heavier weight.
The book has nine chapters. The first three chapters briefly introduced the basic theory of interpretation, common sense and rules were introduced after the five chapters of political diplomacy, foreign trade, tourism, science and technology, academic conferences and other types of interpreting the characteristics and skills. Chapter succinctly summarized the characteristics and basic interpretation skills. Appendix compiled some basic interpreters reference for future readers need from time to time.
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