Jul 2, 2013

Yunlin "hall" diet system set



Ni Zan, the late Yuan lived in Taihu Lake, the home has Yunlin Hall, the cookbook "diet system set Yunlin Church." Wuxi Yuan reflect local eating style cooking monographs. The book features more than fifty kinds of diets, all with dishes proposition, one by one and remember, in addition to written materials, ingredients, the cooking methods are described. The book has a lot of dishes, such as: roast goose, stuffed with honey larva marine crab, boiled dry bran, pickled vegetables, shrimp roll and other more sophisticated. The book was later cookbooks dishes some dubbing, especially the "goose" for a Qing Yuan Mei to be recorded in the "Garden Fresh with a single" in the number and instead Ni Zan entitled "cloud Lin He." Japanese plume warehouse is "keep small record" will also goose revenue seen this dish unique flavor, the name Chi of Chinese and foreign. "Honey stuffed crab larva" is also very unique, today's Soviet-style dishes, "Fleur crab bucket" (a "snow crab bucket"), it is developed on its basis. The book dishes with fish, shrimp, crabs, snails and vegetables as much water lakes, rivers and lakes is the author reflects home eating characteristics.
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