Jul 2, 2013

When You Pass the Sun

"Good English reading every point: When you pass by my sunshine" Introduction: When my skies are gray, you bring joy, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. If my world you never came, my heart will be like a pool of still water, placid; there is no warm spring, warm summer, autumn lonely, but not over the world to inquire about the whereabouts of happiness.

As a bilingual books, "read English every day a good point: When you pass by my sunshine" make English learning becomes fun, learning in reading imperceptibly. The original "Dancisuji camp" - select frequently used, and there is a certain degree of difficulty of words to explain, to make reading more smoothly, but also to expand the vocabulary; "memory fill in the blank" - read the original, the content of the article recall the appropriate words to fill the space, enhance memory, training English sense; "sentences translation" - translation of selected classic sentence, attempts to translate into English, to improve the overall ability to use English; "phrase applications" - Lists the paper appeared in the English phrases and sentences, the use of phrases and sentences, flexible use.
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