Jul 2, 2013

Toefl iBT


"The new channel • TOEFL Writing Scriptures 2 (with MP3)" is divided into four parts, wherein: the first part is the TOEFL Writing Introduction and examples to explain some important information and TOEFL Writing TOEFL exam to be introduced, and provide an example to explain, to enable candidates to learn and understand the examination form and problem solving strategies in the new TOEFL writing. The second part is the integrated writing section, a collection of 15 integrated writing Zhenti 2010 new TOEFL, along with notes, answer templates, and the classic reference essay, let the candidates fully familiar with and master the method of writing a comprehensive and effective writing. The third part is an independent writing section, a collection of 2010 new TOEFL Zhenti 15 independent writing, the writing frame provided, and review the written essay of ideas and subtle vocabulary, methods and vocabulary to enhance the synchronization. The fourth part is the vocabulary section, a collection of TOEFL Writing scores replacement vocabulary, common high expression, etc., for the candidates to create a rich writing material library, so you writing quips. Finally, the appendix contains the new TOEFL exam and 185 independent writing notes strategies.
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