Road: Chinese Conversation for Foreigners vol.1 - Textbook

Road: Chinese Conversation for Foreigners vol.1 - Textbook


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This book is written foreigners learn Chinese Oral Chinese Textbooks. Named "Road", is wanted for learners proved a straight-through access to basic speaking ability of the road, and avoid unnecessary twists and turns. Upper and lower two 35 lessons. Each lesson from the typical range of sentences, will live, words, comments, language points Explained, exercises and supplementary sentence of seven parts. Full copies of daily communication function has jurisdiction over the project over 30, 900 words or so, the basic language points and usages of common words in more than 100 articles.

Since it is an oral teaching, we should focus on cultivating learners' ability to use the Chinese language in oral communication. Book communicative function as the key link, in order to explain language points supplement. In the corpus of choice, pay attention to practicality and period features language. Fan used Chinese sentence will strive to select the most basic, the most commonly used. The most vivid part of everyday life through scenes unfolded. Fresh is catchy, easy to remember there are more scenes. The same range of sentences and words with several replacement, aims to enable learners to master the science sentence, in familiar situations and contexts, for semantic choose what you want to express the proper, decent language form, in order to achieve meaning and form reasonable, starting from the semantic sentence sought to explore a practical way. Thus, in the authenticity of the language must be very particular about. Language book should be natural, true, reasonable, it is present in real life, rather than artificially fabricated language. This book attempts to do in this regard.

Adult learning a foreign language or a second language is a characteristic of the rules to pursue, and thus to rule by analogy to express their own thoughts. Although Chinese syntax rules, but flexible. The syntax of this book is neither to pursue systematic and not do too much explanation, the phenomenon of language interpretation, as concise, go beyond that. Some positive and negative sentences added by judging right and wrong to help learners learn the language point to deepen understanding and mastery.
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