New Step: Intensive Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese Vol.1

New Step: Intensive Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese Vol.1


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"The new ladder - Intermediate Chinese Course" is a new foreign language Intensive Reading, Chinese for foreign students with intermediate levels of use. The textbook, middle and lower three volumes, in accordance with the principles of Deep cycle progressive a scientific presentation. The selected text viewpoint novel, rich subject matter; design practice focused, comprehensive and strong; explain grammar simple and rigorous; broad and practical choices of words. Educational kits both emphasize the development of learners' communicative competence, but also pay attention to show the Chinese culture and Chinese human world.

The textbook writers are engaged in teaching Chinese Foreign teachers, foreign students Chinese language acquisition difficulties and the law have a full understanding and grasp. The teaching learners learn, one can fully grasp what they have learned and to strengthen, on the other hand can lay a solid foundation for the advanced stage of learning.

This book is for foreign students learning Chinese intermediate stage of written materials, focusing on communication and cultural content of the selected text, rich subject matter, including the introduction of Chinese traditional culture, as well as stories and narrative language and conversation lively. Mainly to develop and can improve students' overall ability to communicate for the purpose, and strive to scientific, practical and fun both. This book is to help foreign students as soon as possible to understand and be familiar with HSK, improve the ability of taking every lesson exercises are special arrangements for the same kinds of questions or near HSK training content.
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  1. Tina hao,
    Could you please reupload all the series book in one link tina?
    bu hao yi si mafan nin
    fei chang gan xie nin

  2. hi tina, please repost the links here, thanks!


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