New Practical Chinese Reader Vol.3 DVD

New Practical Chinese Reader Vol.3 DVD


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(Lesson 30-36)
This is a reprint which includes a free DVD of situational dialogues in the texts. TEXTBOOK 3 has 12 lessons (Lessons 27 to 38), arranged mostly in the following order: text in Chinese, text notes in English and Chinese, drills and practice, reading comprehension and paraphrasing, grammar, and Chinese characters and words.

Series Introduction: This 6-volume textbook series takes the readers from a beginner to an intermediate level. The series is designed for foreign students to learn about Chinese culture and society as they learn Mandarin. The book aims to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening with supplementary exercises, many illustrations, and charts. Each lesson includes text, new words, notes, conversation practice, reading comprehension, phonetics, grammar, characters and cultural notes. The entire series includes textbooks, student workbooks, instructor's manuals, with audio cassettes or CDs. Some even with DVDs.

New Practical Chinese Reader is a series of Chinese textbooks compiled for the purpose of teaching Chinese to native English speakers or those who use English as their principal second language. It aims to develop the learner's communicative ability in Chinese by learning language structures, functions and related cultural knowledge as well as by training their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The series consists of seventy lessons in six volumes. The first four volumes, consisting of fifty lessons, are for beginners and pre-intermediate level learners. The last two contain twenty lessons for learners at an intermediate level. This set of textbooks is designed for overseas students who either take Chinese as an elective or major in the language for a period of three years, studying about one lesson a week, or one volume a semester. It can also be used by autonomous learners. Each volume comes equipped with a workbook, an instructor's manual, audiotapes, CDs and a DVD.This is Vol.3 of the DVDs.

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