Jul 13, 2013

New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 1 Audio


"New Practical Chinese Reader" is a set of native English speakers learning Chinese designed series. It includes, from beginner to intermediate six books, a total of 70 lessons for three years teaching.

The purpose of this book is to prepare students through the study of language structure, language function, and related cultural knowledge and with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills training, the development of students' ability in Chinese communication.

To make Chinese learning more fun and easy, this textbook has the following characteristics:

Students will exposure to the cultural environment of Chinese society, and 丁力波, Linna, Ma Dawei and several other international students learning Chinese. Through many interesting experiences, students will not only learn authentic Chinese, but also understand Chinese society and culture.
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It says it needs decryption key

The key is: GmI6TQZV8fSUgR0xF7gMSBws4X0mKcX0mXNbDBC_jLM
Thank you for reporting.

The download link is no longer available.
Do you know how I could get this archive?

Congratulations for the website, it has helped me a lot in learning Chinese. Thank you so much!

Hello, new link here
链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_fO-uawI4svaRsh8hyRFKw 提取码: 4gt4

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