New Chinese Course in Business Newsreading: Advanced 2

New Chinese Course in Business Newsreading: Advanced 2


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This textbook is a latest China Economic News reported that the theme written for stay! Born Chinese teaching materials. Book phenomenon of today's Chinese economic hot spots reported as text content, and with reference to common forms of writing news reports, prepared a background analysis, related links, relevant information: and so, out of the text to explain or supplement, with a strong journalistic and readable. The book also incorporates the text content and the HSK type arranged a lot of practice, prepared a detailed answer exercises to help students improve reading comprehension of Chinese economic news and self-reference purposes. This book is suitable for high-class Chinese language students and foreign undergraduate, master.

New Chinese Economic News Reading Course: Advanced articles (below) through concrete examples to introduce China's economic phenomena, such as the famous Yiwu Small Commodity Market, China - ASEAN regional economy, changes in people's lives, laid-off workers of employment, "three rural issues "Status of domestic brands, intellectual property rights awareness, the RMB exchange rate adjustment," "completion of the plan, as well as to" fifteen people "life issues.
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