Jul 2, 2013

My first book of the child in English


I see the beauty of the language in twenty-six years ago the creation of families, either because in view of globalization of English, and at the impact of the new economic framework of the WTO, English learning is not only to obtain information, business opportunities and job grasp an essential tool for their studies; also open to expand the mind, to leave the world a world citizen by virtue of integral communication. See Section American English over the years Danjingjielv hope to learn English quickly into family life and get into the practical benefits of learning.

Uphold the book to apply their knowledge, from middle school English teaching philosophy of life, and will extend the learning of English from school, cram into the home. The book theme and lively life, from all kinds of life situations of the design, so that the parent-child can learn English together in a relaxed home life; not only entertaining and can enter a paternity feelings?. This idea of ​​learning English can be said that the implementation of global, social, school, family, interesting best ideas.

The book can be described as family-oriented English-purpose dictionary. On the occasion of the summer, the village school this book seek international order, I welcome the good books, good books I am willing to share with friends. Willing globalization of English, social and family-oriented to make people more internationally competitive.
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