Mandarin Proficiency Test Course

Mandarin Proficiency Test Course


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"Proficiency Test Course" according to the Ministry of Education, the State Language Commission in 2003 promulgated the "Outline of Putonghua Proficiency Test" Writing is a higher normal colleges and various open Putonghua Proficiency Test Course Teaching Materials of Colleges. "Proficiency Test Course" in all the words, words are the class of the framework "trial Mandarin words in Chinese Proficiency Test table" range in designed to make should be measured by maximum exercise testing may occur, there is a certain degree of difficulty words, words.
"Proficiency Test Course" entirely from Grading should be measured by the actual needs, directly from the four content Putonghua test (read monosyllabic words, read multi-syllable words, reading essays and propositions speak) to start, clarifying should be measured Difficulties introduce methods to overcome difficulties, to provide training materials.
To enhance the listening training should be measured by "Mandarin Proficiency Test Guide" available and exercises and short disc that matches.
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