Jul 2, 2013

Jude the Obscure



"Jude hit Germany" is one of the most outstanding British writer Thomas Hardy's works, Hardy claimed to write "life and death struggle of soul and body." The novel describes the sorrowful tone of rural life, the tragedy of young German attack. Jude studious reflection, self-study hard, but always refused entry to university door. Shu intelligent heroine beauty, more important to have an independent personality and thought, secular and rigid religious contempt, but her love with Jude but not for the church, secular despised. Jude ambition not pay, job seekers no way, Gaodai nowhere, despair, his eldest son with a weak sister younger brother hanged together. Shu befell the unfortunate incident, and finally surrender to fate and church, left the beloved Jude, freedom of thought, independent personality have all been destroy. Qiu Degang drunken day, Yu Yucheng disease, full thirty years, that is swallowed their anger and eventually died.
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