Jul 10, 2013

Interactive Chinese Textbook 1


It is an integrated software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music. This wonderfully-designed, high-quality software will make you most happy to learn Chinese.
More than twenty Chinese experts took part in the planning and editing of this new product. More than 100 multimedia experts and programmers worked together to develop it. It is composed of 300,000 Chinese words and relevant English explanations, which are included into one DVD-ROM, one CD-ROM and eight books.
It introduces a step-by-step learning method designed to help you learn oral Chinese first during the study of the Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chinese character is accompanied by Chinese phonetic alphabet and each Chinese word or sentence is explained in English.
After finishing the whole set, you will be able to speak Chinese fluently and write Chinese characters smoothly and reach the intermediate level ranked by HSK exam. Besides, through the study of the Chinese idioms and proverbs, you will be able to know more about the traditional culture and the long history of China.
This software can be used as teaching material by education institutions, as well as students who are learning Chinese, especially by businesspersons who are studying Chinese on their own.
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