Jul 2, 2013

IELTS Listening


"New Channel: 9 Daren IELTS Zhenti hearing reduction and analysis" in the summary Cambridge IELTS Zhenti machine by memories based on changes for IELTS, reducing the maximum closeness IELTS Zhenti hearing exam. Contains three main parts: The first part includes six sets of IELTS listening exam, each title is divided into four Section, subject to set each part have been a careful consideration to the editor; the title of each are likely to occur again in the exam, Therefore, after the candidates should make full use of the book that comes with MP3 audio files, listen to all the original fine listen, to fully understand the level; the second part of the book contains the original hearing each subject and detailed Zhenti resolve, not only to help the candidates thoroughly understand each set of questions, but also to teach candidates the appropriate problem-solving methods and techniques; third section is divided into six sets of IELTS Listening Zhenti reference answer, candidates for self-testing.
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