Jul 4, 2013

Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning


Ultimate Chinese is the Go2China Mandarin Platform. It's an open architecture and integrated platform for learning and studying the Chinese language, from expertly structured lessons to unstructured learning, from a comprehensive dictionary to the phonic center. You will be able to learn almost each and every Chinese character, its writing order, pronunciation, usage and phrases. It has 7 independent, yet highly integrated modules. Unlike any other Chinese learning software, each Ultimate Chinese module is a lifelong learning companion.

The 7 modules are: Structured learning module with 70 lessons (more downloadable courses to come), comprehensive dictionary module of over 100,000 entries, learning assistant module for unstructured studies, Chinese text reader for you to listen to any Chinese text, writing board module to learn how to write Chinese characters, and pinyin module to learn and practice Chinese phonics.
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how to download this software Go2China Ultimate Chinese Learning?


New link updated
链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1uX0Sw0zvMmhhvmV1FPIDkQ 密码: p1hb

i really liked this amazing Blog my dream is to learn Chinese please help me ...

Please help me to download from other site. i don`t have pan.baidu
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