Jul 2, 2013

English Affixes and How to Use Them to Decipher English Derivatives


This book is an English Affix Discussion of "Morpheme Words" theory of theory and application of monographs.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part of "Morpheme Words" Theory of English affixes the definition, development history and classification, and the introduction of a new theoretical framework of English word formation; and from the form sound and meaning, and so the angle of English affixes search function in word formation and law, thus a more complete architecture English affixes theoretical system. The second part of the careful choice of mediator nearly a hundred common English affixes and thousands of related derivatives, including both "Dictionary" style of illustration, there are a variety of exercises, fully embodies the book practicality. About a third part of more than three hundred of the more common English affix its main derivatives, provide the fullest possible information affix.

This book theory popular, informative, rational layout, suitable for intermediate and advanced levels of readers in need of English vocabulary learning and research.
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