Jul 2, 2013

Day with American English with CD


In the "day to learn English with the Americans," this book, each cell contains a "word", "conversation", "saying" and "I said the phrase" four projects, to provide the best learning material for you readers : situational word navigation detailing each situation 100 percent of related words will be used to help the reader quickly grasp the key words. Virtual sessions navigation simulation write real dialogue each situation, allowing you to quickly integrate into the Sui territory, learn the most authentic version. Proverbs commonly associated with each situation compass included proverbs and sayings, so that you have more colloquial English usage. Instant I said navigation per unit "session first aid kit", a collection of several commonly used phrase is the key moment instantly come in handy.
Audio here: http://www.en8848.com.cn/kouyu/basic/ytxyy/2013-08-12/212229.html
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