Course of calligraphy

Course of calligraphy


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One of the book as a "21st Century Education family planning materials," "(2nd edition) calligraphy course", focusing on the combination of artistry and practicality for ordinary universities and vocational schools curriculum calligraphy. "Calligraphy tutorial (2nd edition)," a total of eleven chapters: The first chapter is an overview, explaining the nature of Chinese calligraphy, features, learning calligraphy clarify the meaning, methods and procedures; Chapter 2 Background and calligraphic calligraphy art development introduced, tells Evolution background and typeface calligraphy and developed; Chapter common sense as "four treasures", introducing the necessary tools to learn calligraphy, that pen, ink, paper and ink to buy, use and maintenance of the relevant knowledge; The fourth chapter explains the method to learn calligraphy, especially temporary posts methods and procedures; writing posture fifth chapter, authored method to highlight the brush techniques; sixth chapter Ouyang Xun "Jiucheng Gong Ming Liquan" and Yen Chen's "multi-pagoda monument" as a template for the regular script from stippling, radical to a detailed analysis of each structure; Chapter VII to Mi Fu "Szechwan Silk" and Huang Ting's "Shofu House" as a template, and features introduced Fame Writing rule; Chapter VIII to Han Li's "has full monument", "B Ying monument" as a template, highlighting official script features, style, elaborate stipple, the wording and structure of the radical law; Chapter 9 about carving knowledge and skills; Chapter describes the common sense of calligraphy; Chapter XI of calligraphy art appreciation and display of modern calligraphy works.
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