Contemporary Chinese characters

Contemporary Chinese characters


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This book is the Ministry of Education, "Education for the 21st Century course" one of a series of modern Chinese textbooks. A total of eleven chapters the book about two hundred thousand words, a systematic introduction to philology in modern Chinese course in the nature, status and characteristics. Both the origin and development of Chinese characters and types constructed last angle freely about Chinese characters, but also the structure of Chinese characters, reading aloud, specifications, when a total retrieval horizontal scan plane; focus on the absorption of traditional Chinese characters and mature theory textbooks excellent compilation method, while somewhat on the basis of inheritance and innovation, as the absorption of some of the research frontier, as in the eleventh chapter of the information processing of Chinese characters.
Book after each chapter has a summary of this chapter, focused on the vital role played; along with thinking and practice, to consolidate what they have learned. Appendix as an integral part of the book, with the book on the contents of the control, and from time to time to meet the need of a search. This book can be used as University Department of Modern Chinese Literature and materials, but also for correspondence and self-study self-study at all levels of society need.
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