Jul 2, 2013

Comparison and translation between English and Chinese


"English and Chinese in Translation" on the basis of a large number of real corpus, through contrast English and Chinese languages, the bilingual knowledge into powerful methodological tool to help learners deal with all kinds of translation problems and predict deepen understanding of translation skills to improve translation skills. The main features are:

"English and Chinese in Translation" by words, sentences and chapters organized in the order, based on the comparison of translation, describes the use of a common translation skills Cause and manner;

"English and Chinese in Translation" corpus mainly from the Beijing Foreign Studies University General Equivalent English Corpus, Corpus contemporary American English (COCA), the British National Corpus (BNC) as well as other online searchable corpus, corpus real, practical, political, economic, cultural and other aspects of social life, and selected non-fiction more illustration;

Language difficulty is moderate, difficult to use language appropriate to increase the portion of cases, focusing on the choice of high frequency of use but is still not well known learner language forms in English and Chinese for resolution.
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