Chinese Proficiency Test Training Course

Chinese Proficiency Test Training Course


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Proficiency testing is one of the essential measures to promote Putonghua, at present, this work have been in the country to open the relevant industries. From January 1, 2001 implementation of the "national common language" in order to use legal means to promote the national language standardization and healthy development, but also will further promote the in-depth testing of Putonghua open.
The authors of this book are Putonghua testers, has many years of experience in teaching Mandarin and Putonghua Proficiency Test experience. The book in strict accordance with the "Chinese Proficiency Test Outline" requirement, in line with convenient, practical principles to write, always focused, strengthening difficult. Great efforts, on the "Outline" vocabularies sort, easy to learn and master candidate, an important chapter in terms of training and training in reading has its own uniqueness. This book explains the test preparation methods and examination skills, should help the candidate smooth clearance.
This book can serve as teachers, students, civil servants and business, tourism, telecommunications, transportation, finance, and other acts of the Division staff failed Mandarin training materials, but also as the candidate's self-study materials in Mandarin.
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