Jul 4, 2013

Chinese for English-Speakers: Intermediate TextBook


The materials developed at the beginning, middle and high levels, in two volumes each level, a book is textbook, a book is a practice of the (primary attached Character Book). 22 classes per grade, for European countries generally 4-6 hours per week of Chinese university class learning year, that is a year with a primary textbook, with mid-grade textbook, junior high-level textbooks. Character exercises in elementary textbooks is 5-7 words a day to practice, practice 25-35 words per week (Monday to Friday).

This textbook with all models font control, this is done in order to facilitate the students to choose. From the current actual situation, I very much agree with "smart fan wrote Jane," the idea put forward by Mr. Yuan Xiaoyuan. Not "smart fan", you can not read Chinese newspapers abroad, China's ancient books; not "write Jane", the student would be difficult to use Chinese characters notes. "Traditional knowledge to write simple" can do both read and write. This opinion properly No reference purposes only.
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