Jul 4, 2013

Chinese for English-Speakers Intermediate Workbook


Intermediate textbook in two parts: the first lesson to lesson is the eighth text editor written by Isabel to the father, mother, brother, sister, brother, sister, friend send e - mail, describes the current situation of Chinese society; ninth Lesson to two dozen class is rewritten essay, though also reflected the situation in China, but including different times, different places, different areas, different aspects of the situation, so you can make students more comprehensive understanding of China's history, geography, culture, economy and the concept of the Chinese people. The first lesson to lesson eighth by the editor to write another reason is that we adhere to the principle of Grade A word first appeared. Because the Class 1 033 words, and all elementary textbooks only words more than seven hundred, even if the whole word appears Grade Class also left more than three hundred words. Three four hundred words can not all enter the intermediate grade textbook selected essays. Now the editor in the form of Yemeir introduced the current situation of Chinese society, can the rest of the primary textbook written word into the intermediate grade textbook texts. Of course, to the twenty-second Lesson Lesson 9 selected essays should also consider the quality of the word, the word to do with B and Class C word-based. This is particularly useful to achieve what they have learned words can guarantee. Intermediate practice this exercise with the primary practice of the exercises are not the same, the primary focus is on grammar exercises this syntax, grammar exercises in this intermediate focus is lexical. "Formation practice" is the word with the word, expand vocabulary; "phrase training" emphasize words and word groups, and lay a good foundation for the sentence; "words to practice" requires flexible use of words, to deepen the understanding of words; "election Word fill in the blank "is similar meanings related words together, were compared to identify and fill in the blank;" Grammar Practice "is the key, mainly adverbs, conjunctions, word association exercise. Because it is the focus of practice, and more difficult, so many sentences, exercises greater. After class XII, then increase the "dialogue exercises", in order to further improve the comprehensive ability to use language. Intermediate textbooks overseas sophomore English textbook, 4-6 hours per week, a school year may completion.
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