Jul 4, 2013

Chinese for English-Speakers Primary Workbook


Zheng Guoxiong, professor. In 1937, male, Zhejiang Wenzhou. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University, now working at Fudan University International Cultural Exchange School. Universities have long been engaged in foreign language teaching and research work, the state teachers specialized training abroad, the state "a Foreign Language Teacher Certification> The first holder, has three times sent by the State Board of Education to teach French, before and after the six- long years. He has published many articles in domestic and foreign publications. It has its insights. Edited more than foreign language teaching materials, including a representative of the "six months to learn Chinese" (Chinese-English version of the Chinese), "Learning to half Chinese" (Chinese Version Japan and Japan), "Chinese forty-entry class" (Chinese-English The Chinese edition), "Chinese entry" scroll up and down (Chinese Version Japan and Japan), "Yamamoto couple tour in China", "Chinese Japan and Japan Version)," short read sequence "(Chinese-English version of the Chinese, the Chinese method of the present Chinese version), "Spoken Chinese" Advanced present (the present Chinese-English edition), "Basic spoken" (The Chinese-English edition), "everyday language" (The Chinese-English edition), "Tourism Spoken" (Chinese-English edition of the China) "Speaking topic" (The Chinese-English edition), "Oral argument" (The Chinese-English edition), "New Concept Chinese" Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Chinese-English edition of the Chinese) and the like. The "Getting Started forty Chinese course" was in 1988 - won the outstanding teaching prize 1992 National Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Award in.
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