Jul 4, 2013

Chinese for English-Speakers Primary Textbook

"European and American people learn Chinese: Elementary Textbooks" in two parts: voice and text. Voice first taught summary table, phonetic rules, to practice spelling. One to five practice exercises, practicing vowels, consonants and tones; exercise six to eight exercises is a common language, to consolidate the voice of knowledge in the speech stream. Text of 22 lessons, each lesson two small articles. Sub-chapter to facilitate the classroom teaching, the other can reduce the burden on students, but also to ensure the integrity of the teaching.

Shanfanjiujian grammar of the text, and follow the easy things first, the principle of gradual and orderly progress. To learn that four kinds of statements or five questions. Sentence elements to talk about the adverbial, tell complement. Complement is more complex, not only appears, and scattered to teach. Compare sentence, the words, the words, complex sentences more difficult at the end. The dispersion is also teaching complex sentences, but first learn the most common and easiest several.

Vocabulary, numerals, pronouns, question words, the orientation of the word must first learn; verbs, common adjectives, adverbs common, common prepositions also first master; quantifier is the difficulty of learning Chinese, concentrated around two courses, to facilitate comparison and master . Primary textbook chosen words are common words, words more than 90% grade. In order to facilitate memory, the same word generally appear together, for example,

Such as "morning, afternoon, evening," "brother, sister, brother, sister, mother, father";

There antonym also appear together, such as "how many, size, distance, old and new, up and down, left and right, trade, access" and so on.

Primary practice this exercise closely grammar. Because novice written exercises is the key, so each class has a lot of substitution exercises; and reading practice is to consolidate what they have learned this lesson the ability to use new words and improve vocabulary; conversation practice from simple to complex, and gradually increase.

Primary Character Book Character exercises to strengthen. 25-35 new words per lesson election, the election is not difficult to write, from Monday to Friday, 5-7 to write new words every day.
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