Jul 4, 2013

Bridge: A Practical Course in Intermediate Chinese vol.2 - Textbook


Northern language community brand materials; Hanban planning materials. "Bridge" to make a smooth transition from the foundation phase learners to advanced stage. This book is the backbone of Intermediate Chinese textbooks, a total of two, for 2500 master the vocabulary of the students. To develop learners' communicative competence as the goal, combined with function, cultural projects around education, marriage, economy, law and other topics orchestrated; Class C vocabulary and grammar to project-based; the key word, grammar, syntax, functions, the topic of various forms of reproduction. Each lesson includes text, new words, collocations and extended release grammatical cases, deputy texts, exercises, and other components. The book text strong sense of the times, the word reproduction rate, rich practice, explain fully, it is a rare outstanding teaching. The book is equipped with audio tapes 3, (sold separately).
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