Jul 10, 2013

Bridge: A Practical Course in Intermediate Chinese CD2


Bridge—A Practical Course in Intermediate Chinese, written for international students of Grade 2 specializing in Modern Chinese, is a series of intermediate Chinese course books nationally planned by Hanban. It can also be used by foreigners having acquired the basics of modern Chinese grammar and grasped a vocabulary of around 2500 words.
It has altogether 30 lessons in two volumes, each with 15 lessons. Volume2 consists of two parts, namely the “textbook” and “workbook”. The textbook is mainly used in the classroom teaching. Each lesson includes five parts, i.e., the texts, new words, the collocation and expansion of words, examples and explanations of grammar, exercises (text-pertinent exercises and comprehensive communication exercises). Based on the textbooks, the workbooks further study and practice the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing revolving around the structures, functions, culture taught in the textbooks. The workbooks are the repetition, complementation, expansion and intensification of what are taught in the textbooks, including the reading texts, conversation texts, listening texts and relevant exercises.
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