A New Course in Mandarin Chinese

A New Course in Mandarin Chinese


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Mandarin as common standardized language used by the whole nation, must have a common standard. Putonghua has been important work, "New Mandarin Concise Guide" will provide you with the basics of supplementary Putonghua guide you correctly understand the significance of learning Mandarin. Teach you how to speak fluent Mandarin, how successfully passed the Chinese Proficiency Test.

Mandarin is the common language of our people live and work, in order to promote Putonghua, standardized Mandarin, the Chinese Proficiency Test set of exams. "New Mandarin Concise Guide" is one for the Chinese Proficiency Test written teaching aids. How correct pronunciation dialect, how to speak fluent Mandarin, how successfully passed the test of Putonghua is the focus of this book to be solved. The book consists of twelve chapters, including the introduction, knowledge of Mandarin Putonghua training, reading precautions training, and Putonghua Proficiency Test. The book detailed explanations of Mandarin learning points that focused on the articulation, Dialect Discrimination, tone training, audio training content change. Together with a detailed reference to Appendix, as softly vocabulary, children of vocabulary, so that the majority of Mandarin learners comprehensive understanding of the basics of Mandarin, get targeted training and correction. The book is included in a comprehensive, targeted, with the caption, intuitively clear, coherent simple and clear, simple language and vivid, easy to understand and use, is an excellent reference book deal with Mandarin exam.
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