Jun 22, 2013

Yuyi Xue


This lively book provides a truly comprehensive introduction to current linguistic semantics. Used in introductory and intermediate courses in semantics, it will supply teachers with an easy to use basic text and students with an accessible source of dependable information'. Ronnie Cann, University of Edinburgh. "This is a solid, well-written and very comprehensive textbook that will prove an invaluable resource in introductory semantics classes. The exercises are especially useful and the sections on theoretical approaches represent ideal links to more advanced semantic theory' David Adger, University of York This volume provides an engaging introduction to semantics for readers new to the subject. The book has three sections. Part I is concerned with the place of semantics within linguistics and its relation with the disciplines of philosophy and psychology. Part II introduces central topics in the description of word and sentence meaning. Part III reviews the three main current theoretical approaches to semantics; componential theory, formal semantics and cognitive semantics. The book discusses semantic phenomena from a wide range of languages. Each chapter contains exercises to alow the reader to explore the issues raised, and suggestions for further teadings.
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