Jun 25, 2013

Very Good: Spoken Chinese for Beginners vol.3

Spoken Chinese for Beginners series. It has altogether 12 lessons. In coherence with the first two volumes and centering on the four characters’ understanding and discussions on personal value and pursuit, it displays their distinctive personalities in vivid, humorous and simple language, thus reflecting the features that run through the book, “class is based on life”, “one is as good as his words” and “life is full of humor”. Every lesson in this book is coherent with a storyline, which can arouse students’ interests. The intriguing texts are thought-provoking. The text is the English annotation version. The supplementary booklet annotates the new words in Japanese and Korean. It also introduces the text and the teaching purpose as well attaches two sets of exercises to facilitate the teachers. A CD is accompanied, which includes the recordings of the texts, new words etc.
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