Jun 12, 2013

Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Level 3: Student's Book

Level Basic Category Chinese Learning Textbooks for Adults Description The Practical Audio-Visual Chinese 2nd edition has been developed by the Ministry of Education of ROC, updated from "Practical Audio-Visual Chinese", edited and written by the Editing and Compiling Committee of National Taiwan Normal University. The new version comprises a large-scale revision with regard to content, issue, lexicon, and up to date ways and practices. Meanwhile, the five major objectives of teaching this second language are designed to echo international Chinese teaching trends. These are incorporated within the teaching materials so that learning Chinese should no longer so difficult. It is thus considered to be the benchmark and practical learning material for domestic and overseas Chinese. ?Learners using this book can acquire language skills in modern Chinese, from listening and speaking to reading and writing. ?The book is found in 5 volumes, including, teacher's manual, student textbooks, student's workbook as well as a supplementary phonetics CD (MP3). The second volume is found in 13 lessons, and in continuation from volume of practice day-to-day wording it would help the students to express themselves with natural and lively language skills. Each lesson includes Dialogue, Pinyin, MPS, English translation, Narration, Vocabulary (and usage), Syntax practice, Application activities, Notes. After completing this text, learners should have learned approximately 600 Chinese characters, 1195vocabulary words and 137grammatical patterns.
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