Jun 12, 2013

Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Level 1: Textbook

English and Taiwanese Chinese Edition

Practical Audio-Visual Chinese is a beginning Mandarin Chinese course for college students and adults that presents contemporary vocabulary along with clear explanations of pronunciation, grammar and language use. Compiled by the renowned Mandarin Training Center faculty after eight years of planning and field testing, this series is grounded in extensive experience teaching an international student body. The 25 lessons in Book 1 emphasize the fundamentals of pronunciation, grammar, and frequently-used vocabulary composed from 614 characters. Book 2's 28 lessons use the daily life and activities on a college campus as the context from which students learn about cultural differences, history, geography, and other aspects of Chinese language and society. The 20 lessons in Book 3 introduce the uniqueness of Chinese culture, its customs and traditions using short skits. A 10-minute video component is incorporated into each lesson; videos are available either in VHS video tape format or as Video CDs. Student workbooks test students' mastery of new material through exercises such as matching, fill-in-the blank, sentence completion, translation, etc. Teacher's Manuals contain answers to the workbook exercises. In traditional characters with pinyin and bopomofo.
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Bạn ơi sữa lại link đi bạn, ko download được nữa

sorry, you uploaded the student book link! could you upload the text book level 1

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